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Gas Pro NACA Vanes
40 Stück
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Art-Nr. 20230207-26
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Farbe Pink
Cyan - Blue

Gas Pro NACA Vanes will change the performance in the vanes industry!
Gas Pro NACA Aerodynamic profile Patented.
52mm length (2.05''), 9.3mm height (0.36'')
8.0 grains apx.
Years of studies allow Gas Pro Engineer to apply the shape of the NACA air foil in an archery vane, in order to obtain faster arrow rotation and creating the gyroscopic effect to improve stability without losing energy or speed.
With Gas Pro NACA 200 vanes will be possible to increase your arrow rotation up to 400% compared to the World Archery Field and 3D 2022 Winner Gas Pro GP-200 and GH-200.
NACA Vanes is built with a new Material with high mechanical and chemical resistance, perfect results for ultimate performance and easy to fletch experience on all types of carbon shafts.
Each package include 40 NACA 200 Vanes, one fletching support in order to fletch perfectly on your jig clamp, fletching instructions & manual.

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