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Hamskea WayPoint Arrow Level
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The Waypoint Arrow Level allows archers the ability to easily measure the exact vertical and horizontal position of the arrow in relation to the riser shelf for either initial bow set-up or data collection once the tune is complete.

The turret level ensures that the arrow is level, and the tool is sitting parallel to the riser shelf for accurate and repeatable measurements.
Two rulers allow you to measure both the arrow height and center-shot at the same time.
The arrow height ruler can be adjusted to hold the weight of the arrow simulating the arrow at full draw. This is especially helpful when using a flexible launcher.
The aluminum construction ensures that the tool will last a lifetime.
Indicator marks on both sides of the Arrow Level allow it to be easily read on RH or LH bow.
Use the level for initial set-up by setting the arrow height and center-shot per the bow manufacturer specs.
Two different sized rulers: The short Ruler will fit within a shoot-through riser without issue. The longer ruler will allow the archer to measure arrow height even if the arrow is above the berger hole.
Once the bow is tuned, you can measure/record the final location of the arrow for later reference. Checking the location after travel.
Move the rest easily between settings for different arrow diameters.
With the recorded location for each arrow diameter, you can easily switch between arrows throughout the year without needing to tune each time.

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