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Fivics Tenfix Finger Tab
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Now entering a new class of performance, adjustability and comfort that you have never seen, TENFIX Finger Tab is the outcome of years of rigorous research, which includes consulting internationally acclaimed athletes and Coach Kwon Yonghak. - The new spacer is designed for professional archer to have the most natural and consistent hook, and pairs perfectly with the fully adjustable ledge, which can be converted to a thumb rest or a palm rest, or even a pinky rest. - The finger strap is designed to be adjustable to fit archer's middle finger or to fit both middle and ring finger to help secure the hook you want.

Designed in collaboration with the nationally renowned coach, Kwon Yong-Hak,
TENFIX Finger Tab is the culmination of years of research and development since releasing the world renowned SAKER Finger Tab
Features a unique finger spacer which promotes a more natural hook, settles the thumb, and allows a comfortable relaxation of the middle and ring finger to assist in a clean release
Thumb rest, pinky rest, and chin shelf are completely adjustable three axis an six directions, creating the most adjustable finger tab that will pave the way to the future of archery
Constructed using premium cordovan leather

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