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Diamond Compound Bow Package Edge MAX
ab 569,00 €   Set
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Art-Nr. 20221202-76
Menge Set
Farbe Black
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Visier 3 Pin
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Maximizing the ultimate archery experience for everyone.
Axle to Axle: 31”
IBO speed: 314fps
Brace height: 7.125”
Net weight: 3.7lbs
Draw length: 16-31”
Draw weight: 20-70lbs
Designed for every age, experience level, or intended use.
World-renowned Binary Cam System for unmatched accuracy.
A strategically engineered caged riser design increases stability and accuracy.
Fully accessorized and ready to go featuring premium Octane accessories.
Included accessories: Octane Furnace 4-Arrow Quiver, 3 Pin Sight, 5 Inch Stabilizer, Brush Rest, Carbon Peep & Diamond Wrist Strap

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