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TRU Ball Release Abyss X-Tension Flex 3/4 Finger
T.R.U. Ball Release Abyss X-Tension Flex 3/4 Finger
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Art-Nr. 20220703-01
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Größe Medium
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Brass thumb activated release, that use the same exact handle as the Fulkrum and Fulkrum Flex, with the same impact points.
Uses the same Lever Alignment System (LAS) Technology as the Fulkrum and Fulkrum Flex.
Has a single sensitivity adjustment screw with a lock that can be adjusted infinitely for your personal feel.
omfort flex technology that now allows the archer to select infinite finger locations on both the three finger and four finger handle pieces. Each piece can be individually moved a total of 30 degrees.
Has a simple locking travel adjustment screw, that allow you to set the travel to your preference quickly and easily.
Adjustable thumb trigger comes standard on the Abyss Flex allowing a "where you want to feel".
Contain the pieces to make your release a three finger or a four finger release.

Handle Type: 3-4 finger adjustable
Material: Precision CNC machined brass and aluminum
Colour True: Quicksilver
Activation Type: Resistance/ Trigger Convertible

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