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Total Peep Tech Grip (Mathews)
Total Peep Tech Grip (Mathews)
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Designed for Mathews Bows made after 2019, the Tech Grip by Total Peep is perfect for any archer who had issues with torque or bad hand placement with the Mathews Engage Grip. The comfortable fit and easy installation make this grip a great option for any Mathews shooter looking to increase the performance of their bow.


Replaces the Mathews Engage Grip
Forces Optimum and Consistent Hand Position
Special Tech Material Offers Extreme Comfort
No Change in Draw Length
Easy Installation
It will not fit any Mathews bow made before 2019 or any other brand of bow

Made for the Following Mathews Bows (2019 and Later):

TX 5
TRX 36, 38, &40

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