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Hoyt Sight Picatinny Xero A1i Pro
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For anyone who would rather spend more time on the hunt and less time fussing over adjustments, this advanced bow sight is ready at a moment's notice
Auto-ranging digital sight calculates the distance to your target automatically
Dual-color LED pins to let you find the right distance in an instant
Micro-adjustable rails allow you to fine-tune your windage, elevation, and laser reticle alignment for the easiest, most precise setup yet
Automatically creates the pin stack to the estimated maximum distance for your bow base don arrow speed, draw length, and arrow diameter
See a flashing pin above the aiming point that shows the estimated apex of your arrow's flight
Quickly and easily detaches to make travel and setup a breeze
One-year battery life means more hunting and more confidence in your shot and less time fiddling around with batteries and settings (about 25,000 ranges on 2 lithium AAA batteries - included)
Customizable arrow profiles for multiple arrow configurations with saved pin settings so you can change from your practice set up to your hunting set up in seconds
Laser Locate Feature showcases Garmin's waypoint project feature when paired with a compatible Garmin GPS device (sold separately) to show the target's exact location when the shot or range was taken
Laser range finder gets instant angle-compensated distance to game up to 100 yards away or reflective targets up to 300 yards away
The dynamic level lets you see leveling information right next to the pin with variable sensitivity based on shot distance so you don't have to focus to see if your shot is level
In Xtra Distance Mode, you can set your sight in an extended position to show pins out to farther distances
Mount the silent trigger button in the most convenient spot for your grip to minimize movement at rest or at full draw

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