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Hamskea Epsilon Arrow Rest
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Ausführung RH - rechts Hand (Universal Bracket)

The Epsilon™ Arrow Rest that fits riser thicknesses between .600″ to .900″.
C.O.R.™ Mount Technology that positions the arrow at center shot by design.
One of Hamskea’s most compact platforms to date.
The rest is in-line behind the riser eliminating quiver interference.
Detent micro-tune for additional windage and vertical adjustments.
Uber secure & precise picatinny clamping system.
Configurable for top limb, bottom limb or cable driven activation.
Eliminates lateral shaft movement with Zero Tolerance Technology (ZTT).
Three stainless steel ball bearings for maximum platform stability.
Noise eliminating elastomeric Rebound Dampener (Patent Pending).
Cord Clamp Tensioner.
Launcher torsion spring and launcher angle adjustment.
Delta V Arrow Guide and Riser Mounted Arrow Guide included.

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