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Shrewd Stabilizer Hunting Vantage 9"
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Vantage Series hunting stabilizers utilize a proprietary STS carbon and HiLo dampers to create a revolutionary stabilizer system designed to maximize performance. STS carbon is constructed with high modulus carbon and features an internal taper unique to each length stabilizer that results in an incredibly rigid and lightweight system. The HiLo dampers work in conjunction with the STS carbon to isolate and reduce high and low frequency vibrations for unrivaled dampening and noise reduction. The low-profile design of the Vantage reduces the overall surface area and prevents snags on underbrush. Included removable weights enable ultimate adjustability for optimal bow balance and stability at critical moments. The Vantage series is shaped by decades of experience and is built to take a beating.

High modulus, STS carbon with a 0.630" outside diameter
STS carbon is internally tapered with a thicker carbon wall on the bow end and a thinner carbon wall on the weight end
Optimal strength-to-weight ratio
HiLo dampening system to eliminate vibration.
HiLo-S damper slides over the carbon and allows the user to position it where it most effectively reduces the vibrations particular to their bow
HiLo-T damper features 5/16"-24 threads and mounts on a 2.5" long threaded rod on the end of the stabilizer
Removable weights enable the user to balance their bow more easily
Additional weights may be added to the 5/16"-24 x 2.5" threaded rod
CNC machined, external end caps create a strong and stable platform
Durable anodized finish and stainless-steel hardware
Length: 9"
Weight: 5.12 oz (including HiLo dampers)
Made in the USA

Two 1 ounce, flat black, stainless-steel weights with 5/16"-24 threads

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