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Bohning Insert Iron Glue
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• The newest generation of insert adhesive!
• Welds inserts & outserts to all shaft types!
• Gives your arrow shaft an "Iron Grip" on all inserts, outserts and points
• Creates a high impact, shock resistant bond with tenacious holding power
• Cures in 24 hours
• No mixing, no mess
• Available in a 1 oz. bottle

Bohning's Insert Iron is designed for inserts, points, and outserts. It works on all shaft types - carbon, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood. Insert Iron is our strongest glue and it is NOT reversible. Cure time is 48 hours (72 hours if air is dry during application). Do NOT store Insert Iron in the refrigerator. To prevent it from drying out prematurely, ensure cap & tip are tightly sealed. For added protection, place Insert Iron bottle inside plastic bag or container. One year expiration on unopened bottles. 1oz bottle.

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