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BOWdometer is a Fitbit for your bow. BOWdometer easily attaches to any bow in seconds. Use BOWdometer every time you shoot to automatically count each shot you take. BOWdometer tracks each shot from draw to release to show you how your shots change between tunings, new strings, and tweaks to your bow setup.

An array of powerful sensors detect the custom built shot eXecution Index (Xi "sye") which is recorded and stored via mobile application
Includes an easy read display with session shot counter and archers Xi number for quick viewing and reflection
Build confidence that your practice sessions are paying off
By tracking a shooters custom eXecution Index coaches and athletes can put empirical data to the feeling of a great shot
BOWdometer mobile app
Compare your results from various sessions
See the consistency of your shots
Compete, connect and share with archers from across the globe

BOWdometer automatically counts each shot you take. No more having to count arrows with a clicker. Just attach BOWdometer and start shooting.

BOWdometer is packed full of sensors that track each shot you take - from draw to release. See how your shots change between tunings and tweaks.

You know how well you shoot – now prove it with BOWdometer. Compete with other archers wherever you are.

BOWdometer attaches quickly to any bow. There’s no glue or tape needed – and BOWdometer won’t wreck your bow.


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