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TRU Ball Release Sweet Spot Pro Flex 3 or 4 Finger Quicksilver
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Art-Nr. 20191006-06
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The Sweet Spot has again been re-defined. The SS Pro features a solid brass with quicksilver finish that is thinner with more ergonomic finger placements. Among the interchangeable fingers is a three finger sweeping hook model, as well as a 2 finger and 4 finger that are included in the package. The SS Pro provides precise back tension at any angle when activated, push the activator when you reach your anchor point and are ready to begin back tension and shoot. The SS Pro is now one of the finest back tension training devices to ever hit the market.

Key features:

• Safety-catch design for a confident draw.
• Click-off style safety.
• Set to desired amount of travel with simple one screw adjustment..
• Precision CNC machined brass construction, for a weighted feel in the hand.
• Anti-corrosion Quicksilver coating.
• Ergonomic, interchangeable finger pieces included to swap between three, four and hook three finger models.
• Ultra flex finger pieces allow for a highly customisable fit in the hand.

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