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Quest Compound Bow Forge Package
Ready to shoot package
ab 446,00 €   Set
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Art-Nr. 20170905-01
Menge Set
Ausführung RH Jet Black

Ready to shoot compound bow package from Quest. Quest is a member of the well known G5 group, with includes Prime.

Key features:

Fluid Cam means simply adjusting the module position gives a wide range of draw length options from 25.5-31" in half inch adjustments. No bow press required!
Smooth draw provided by the Fluid cam's wheel and cam combination.
Massively adjustable peak weight range. Rack the bow up to its 70lb max for speed or hunting, and down to as low as 40lb for lower strength shooters or improving your form. All this with no need to change limbs or cam!
Quality, 6061 forged aluminium riser
Adjustable string suppression system, limbsaver dampeners and roller slide cable guard reduce string vibration and drag, making for a quieter shot
Built to incredibly tight tolerances for accuracy and consistency
Complete package means you only need to pick up your arrows before heading to the range
High quality, durable finish in black and camo colour options
Technical Specifications:

IBO Speed: 315fps
Axle-to-Axle: 32"
Brace Height: 7"
Mass Weight: 3.9lbs
Draw length options: 25.5-31"
Draw weight: Adjustable from 40-70lbs
Ready to shoot package includes: Head-Loc Arrow Quiver, Fiber Optic Sight with light, Halo full containment style arrow rest, neoprene wrist sling, meta peep and rubber stabilizer.

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