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12 Stück Victory Shafts VAP Lost Camo V3
ab 74,00 €   Packung
inkl. 20% MwSt, zzgl. Versand
Art-Nr. 20180718-19
Menge Packung
Spine 250 - 10,2 Grain Per Inch
300 - 9,4 Grain Per Inch
350 - 8,6 Grain Per Inch
400 - 7,6 Grain Per Inch
450 - 7,3 Grain Per Inch
500 - 6,6 Grain Per Inch
Insert ohne
mit Victory VAP Shok Aluminum Insert (+ 19,99 €)

The VAP (Victory Accuracy and Performance) has set a new standard in the target arena with its ultra small diameter and thick walled, 100% high modular core. This is the perfect arrow to shrink your group size and increase your scores, especially at long range or windy conditions.

Made with the highest quality carbon composite fibers available.
Ultra small diameter ideal for outdoor competitions.
VAP Arrows are sorted to +/- 0.5 of grain weight per dozen.
All arrows are checked for straightness and sorted in three different straightness groups.

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